It's easy to drive around or through Madison County on I-26, I-40, or I-81 or The  Blue Ridge Parkway and never stop and see the
beauty and people that are Madison County.  I was raised here, but left for about 25 years and raised a family.  When I travel back
the one thing I notice is the beauty of the county.  Everywhere I looked were 360 degree views, and in the fall when the colors were
at their peak, all you have to do is point your camera and shoot.  You will have a beautiful picture and beautiful memories to take
home and we want you to take a little piece of the county with you.  That's the purpose of this site.  To show you the places you can
go and the people you will meet.  And yes, the things you can buy.  

Madison County is a poor county but rich in heritage and history.  Every "holler", every ridge and every stream has a name!  We
want to share these things with you and preserve it for ourselves.  After twenty-five years a lot of history is dying and rotting away.  
The little country stores that were social spots as well as places to buy the necessities of life.  By and large we were self-supporting
and needed only the basics, but these stores supplied those needs and a place to sit around and catch up on the news.  
Newspapers didn't exist or least for Meadow Fork, Big Pine, Stackhouse, or Sodom Laurel.  As a child I also got a treat... A Coke
and a pack of peanuts to eat or a candy bar...15 cents.. 10 for the Coke and 5 for the candy bar. Raising tobacco, a garden, the
tomato shed, fishing and hunting with dad are all precious memories of the mountains and Madison County.. A place I call home.

All roads seem to go around Madison County, but for the few who have left the main highways and found this jewel of the Smokies,
they discovered a rich heritage awaiting all.  From the top of Max Patch looking to Knoxville, Tennessee and beyond; to the
majestic beauty of the mountains as you travel I-26, and along the many quiet country roads throughout the county, beauty and
wonder await.  You can enjoy a lovely midday lunch beside The French Broad River; a Quiet evening snuggled up to the fireplace at
Wolf Ridge Ski Resort; a relaxing day fishing a cool country stream or even visit other local attractions.  Many unique adventures
await those who travel off "the beaten path" as they discover the wonders that are Madison County, North Carolina.